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Dan Bricker's 1966 Monza Sedan
1966 Monza sedan (110HP/Powerglide) that I purchased this summer. Its even got the telescopic steering column. That is how it looked when I bought it and that is where it had sat for the past 10 years. We put a battery in it and after a few cranks it started right up! As of now it is being fixed up. So far I have replaced all the push-rod tube O-rings, replaced the ignition coil, installed a tape deck, dual exhaust, and put on some nice '80s Chevy Monte Carlo rally wheels (big improvement in handling and appearance) As soon as I can afford it, I plan to repair all the rust and have it painted black with 2 red racing stripes.

UPDATED: 10/01/2000 Here is a much much better pic of my 66 Monza 110/pg sedan. Cleaned up and with the Chevy Monte' wheels on it. The lifters are getting adjusted next weekend, and maybe it will finally get the floor it deserves too. Almost have enough saved for the body work and black paint job :-)


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