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Governor shares love affair with his dad's 1965 Corvair
Beneath a near cloudless sky on a 70-degree afternoon, Gov. Bob Wise put on his driving sunglasses, strode to the parking lot outside the west wing of the Capitol and hopped behind the wheel of his 1965 Corvair Convertible. Full story


Gov. Bob Wise (WV) shows off his 1965 Corvair outside the state Capitol
Gov. Bob Wise shows off his 1965 Corvair outside the state Capitol. Wise says he harbors a secret love affair with the Corvair, a sporty car that some say was Americaıs answer to Germanyıs Volkswagen Beetle. Full story


Corvair owners fight for respect
DAYTONA BEACH - How much respect does the Corvair get?

From the unwashed, unenlightened masses, not much. Full story


Blast from the past: Owners devoted to 'poor man's classic'
It's not unusual for people to have love affairs with cars, put pricey makes on pedestals, treasure vintage vehicles and wax poetic about their particular brand of pride and joy. But it's probably safe to say that members of the Corvair Society of America are in a class by themselves when it comes to automobile aficionados. Full story


What goes around, comes around
If you wait long enough, everything comes back into fashion. Even the lowly Corvair.

But don't go calling the Corvair lowly to Steve Hammatt of Mount Vernon. Full story


Star-crossed Corvair finally gains respect
Nearly 1,000 Corvair enthusiasts descended on this Adirondack Mountain resort Thursday to show off their odd-looking cars and give the infamous model the kind of respect that eluded it in the 1960s. Full story


Woman picks prized Corvair for final rest
PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- Three decades after Ralph Nader portrayed the Corvair as a casket on wheels in his book "Unsafe at Any Speed," 84-year-old Rose Martin was laid to rest in her beloved 1962 model. "She prearranged with us, and this was her wish. It was very well known throughout Tiverton that she wanted this," said Robert Ferreira, a director of the Oliveira Funeral Home in Fall River, Mass. Full story


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